autocad key features 2195x1037 v1

Budget Friendly PC Build for AutoCAD

autocad key features 2195x1037 v1

I recently received a telephone call from one of my customers that I have been working with for several years. I was asked to see what can be done to speed up one of their computers. I quickly identified that AutoCAD was consuming all the resources, and a new build was recommended due to the fact the Intel 7th Gen motherboard lacked a m.2 port which nowadays is an absolute must.

It’s worth mentioning that this company works with massive AutoCAD files that quickly consume memory, the 8GB was 95% in use, and the SATA 6 Gbps SSD was flat out. The reason the SSD was flat out was because Windows was using the swap space on the SSD, not only does shorten the life of SSD drives but its nowhere near as fast as pysical ram.

While Dell, HP, and Microsoft offer great PC’s, they come at a cost, and you generally get less Oomph for your money. So a PC build is almost always better, and generally you get to put in premium parts that you know are reliable, fast and great value for money, while when you purchase a company from a big manufacture, you don’t know the quality of the motherboard, ram, or hard drive etc.

Build Parts

Below you can find the list of parts that was used to make the customers build.






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